Not on the Gram yet? Here is everything you’re missing

If you’ve been hesitating to join us out on the ‘gram, we made it our mission to let you know just how much you’re missing out, especially if, like us, you are addicted to all-things-beauty-and-hair, in any shape or form.
 This cannot come without a warning: joining Instagram will take your communication to the real world down to almost none, and up your makeup-game by 10 #LifeGoals. Ready to sign up? Here’s what you need to see first.

1. Cant-look-away hair videos  

Because you literally cannot look away. Your everything in life will soon be to find out whether or not someone cut their hair into a bob and be the judge of whether or not it was a huge mistake, or the best move they ever made. For the best of these, start following @anthonycuts @amandineluxioushair and @gorgeousstrands, and @tatianabcosmetics

2. The best new beauty brands on the gram 

We like to look at these just for inspo, and for a healthy dose of decent design in our life. From hair brands to skin care, make-up or fragrances, those are the brands everyone is obsessing about right now, and you don’t want to miss out. Go and check out @gisou @theouai @commedeux @summerfridays @fentybeauty @glossier for a piece of the beauty dream. 
Oh and us, of course @andjou_cosmetics 

3. Our favorite celebs 

Partly because we actually are low-key interested in their work. Mostly because we want to see their beauty routine on their live Instagram channel. YES, WE NEED TO KNOW IF BEYONCE IS USING A MATIFYING PRIMER, OK?! Sue us. But you’ll have more fun just following us on Instagram. Here are our favorite celebrities accounts for a good time scrolling down: @traceeellisross @zendaya @badgalriri @yvonneorji @issarae

4. The best of beauty influencers 

The ones who understand the gram is where it’s at. They put a lot of time and effort into their profile, and make us wish we were living their fabulous, fancy lives. It comes in handy when they give out tips, gifts, discount codes, and when they get real with us about their own struggles. That’s why we tune in. Our very faves are @thepatriciabright @makeupshayla @dimmaumeh @yvonnevictoria @chloekitembo

5. The most gorgeous landscapes 

To travel without spending a dime, all you have to do is browse Instagram. All of a sudden, the cute little Parisian cafes, the small vintage boutiques in New-York, the endless white beaches of Senegal are all at your fingertips. Our favorite Instagram accounts for virtual traveling are the amazing collectors of African jewels like @dakarlives @abidjanlives @congopositif or @bonjoursenegal

6. The best food 

Pretty girls like to eat. Everybody knows that. That’s why first dates are always dinner, on him. But we don’t eat any and everything. These Instagram accounts will help you find the trendy spots in your city, where the food will be as bomb as your pictures. Go and follow @lekkrek,, @jeanimbert for all that pretty-girl-food. 
Now might be a good time to join us on the ‘gram too

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