The 8 sexiest red lips we ever saw on Instagram

Never want to un-see it.



2021-04-01 3 min read

Nothing says glamorous like a bold, sexy, full red lip. And there’s never a bad time to wear one. When you feeling at your best, throw on some red to share your mood with the world. And as Coco Chanel said it best, “when you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack”. We’re on the colour team, and we’re sharing the best looks we’ve seen so far on the infamous ‘Gram. 

The dark, symbolic red 

Photo by @samiraaa__ via Instagram

samiraaa__ tops a basic white shirt with a matte, provocating dark red. Perfect to upgrade a basic outfit and be out the door to break some hearts 💔

The pinky & fun red 

Photo by @jaydepierce via Instagram

Perfectly balanced with a glowy, light makeup, this red makes our lips look like candy. An who wouldn’t want to take that bite, right? 

The perfect, classic red 

Photo by @makeupshayla via Instagram

Usually worn with a killer dress that brings all the boys to the yard, this timeless, classic red is one of our faves. @Makeupshayla is shaking things up, with a pair of jeans and a printed casual bomber. To be honest, she could have been naked, that red is doing it all. 

The sexiest red of them all 

Photo by @sonyapembe via Instagram 

Especially worn by the #famous @sonyapembe, Congolese doll who dominates Instagram. She is with this flamboyant red, from the lips to the nails, and maybe also, our hearts. 

The orangy luminous red 

Photo by @brihall via Instagram 

The queen @brihall is just walking around on the beach, letting us know you can be sexy and approachable at the same time. Her orangy red is giving us all kind of feels… No, we’re not jealous, you’re jealous.

The matte red 

Photo by @lareine./ via Instagram

A red that’s elegant, and doesn’t need anything else; no fancy outfit, no sophisticated hair, it’s a lazy girl’s best friend. 

The light red ombre 

Photo by @cleopatraduess via Instagram 

Remember that ombre trend that ruled our entire life for a few years? Our hair was ombre, our nails were ombre, our mouth was ombre. If our boyfriends could have come in ombre, we wouldn’t even have thought twice. @cleopatra is bringing up emotions with a very lightly ombre’d red. 

The dont-take-your-eyes-off-me red 

Photo by @makeupshayla via Instagram 

Not even giving them boys a chance. @makeupshayla didn’t chose her Instagram name randomly. She is a beauty master, and her red is making us want to follow, wherever she goes.