Your April Beauty Horoscope

Entering 05.21



2021-04-01 4 Min read













April is coming with a sense of well-being for y’all Arie babes. Venus is bringing optimism, fluidity in communication, and a lot of self-affirmation until the 14th. In other terms, now is the perfect time to express yourself, both vocally, and artistically. Time to play in that make-up you haven’t touched in a while and try all the things you haven’t dared to before. 

 While Venus is giving you life all the way to the fourteenth, ,Uranus will be leaving your circle around the 18th, making it really important for you to assert yourself, so as to not get lost in other people’s vibes. But no worries, from the 23d on, Mars is getting back on your good side, and you are not to be messed with. It’s time to get things in line and show people who’s boss; skin, hair, and all things beauty must follow.

The first half of this month is going to be a wonderful time for you to seek out help from friends and form strong allyships. From the 18th onward, Uranus will retract itself, allowing you to read yourself more clearly, identify and tackle what’s holding you back. It’s a perfect opportunity to spend time with yourself and to #selfcare. 

Venus is shining hard on you at the beginning of this month, bringing your magnetism level to a full 100. On top of that, the Sun is joining in from the 19th and bringing solid positive vibes on you and everyone around you. If you ask us, this is the perfect opportunity to bring out the colour, and shine harder than Riri’s diamond. 

The beginning of this year may have come with chaos with maybe a job switch, new relationship turns, friendship ups and downs… April is bringing peace upon you Virgos. From the 23d, it will be time to shift the energy back to warrior, as Mars is bringing you luck in anything new you want to try out. Like maybe russian lashes? 

 Good news: Saturn has finally stopped clouding your love life, and Uranus is pushing you hard toward a big makeover around the 18th! Time to explore the inner you and try that look that SCREAMS you but you never dared to try. 

You’ll need to keep it low-key and go with the flow to maintain peace among your relationships this month. Riding alone won’t do you any good, keeping your people on your side will be important, even when you can’t see why yet. The April magic word: bond-ing. And what better way to bond than mani-pedis and wine?

Your libido is off the chart this month. Venus has a power on you that glows incredibly strong. This will be a good time for you to show how much of a good friend you can be. Pick up your phone, be a good ear, socialise. A weight will lift as Saturn and Uranus are leaving your aura, for clearer skies and space for self-care.

 It seems you will be a source of light for your family and friends on the first half of this month. You are very much appreciated, know that. On the second half, your need for love and care will grow and you will find yourself being the one in need of attention. So why not give it to yourself ? Buy that palette, get that face water, book that nail appointment. Do you hun ❤

You’ll be trying to keep communication smooth with everyone this month. This will allow you to enjoy their open ear and understanding. The beginning of the year has bit a tad hectic, but starting now, Venus is allowing to start over in peace and tranquillity. Drink your water. Mask. Exfoliate. Moisturise. And don’t let people disturb your peace. 

 You’re quite hungry this month! Love, sex, money, you are after everything, and ain’t anybody mad about it either. You’ll be tempted to splurge and spend to spoil your loved ones, but try to pace yourself, and remember that you also need pampering. 

April is coming with a strong need for harmony. You’re striving for steady and consistent evolvement, and you clearly have no time for any toxicity anything. Exit sign to anything that’s disturbing you peace, welcome to relaxing baths on Friday nights, balanced diet, and clear skin. To help nudge things in the right direction, take time to mask ❤